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Tarot Mystique Necklaces

Tarot Mystique Necklaces

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Adorn yourself with mystical, magical energy with this Tarot Mystique Necklace! A laser cut stainless steel openwork tarot card pendant is highlighted with a shimmering pave rhinestone and natural stone background. Delicate chain link and waterproof detailing finish the look. Make your style sing with the special charm and mystique of this captivating necklace.

The Sun: sun and rhinestone rainbow in the front, turquoise stone in the back

The Moon: crescent moon, cloud, and a shooting star in the front, black onyx in the back

The Star: star in the front, Mother of Pearl in the back

The Lovers: heart in the front, Mother of Pearl in the back

The Knight: knight in the front, black onyx in the black

*water proof PVD plating (physical vapor deposition)
PVD utilizes a titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable and a tough wearing coating. PVD coatings possess a far higher resistance to wear than traditional gold plating. PVD coating will stay on the product longer than traditional gold plating!

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